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music and sound design for visual media

A life mistery

for Stella Artois

We made the music and sound design for “A life mistery”, a visual piece designed by Copper, Nacho Velasco and Magali García for Stella Artois. The animation represents a fun and unique moment between friends, and a beautiful exercise of “travelling camera” from indoor to outdoor landscapes. The music is a central part of the situation, being a lively representation of what a cool party with friends should be. The sound design works as an enhacement of the key elements (dog bark, toast sounds), to make the scene more closer and more understandable to the viewer. 

Character Animation Breakdown:


Client: Stella Artois
Agency: Draftline
Representation: Folio Art
Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas
Direction: Coppel
Animation & Compositing: Magali García & Nacho Velasco
Music & Sound design: bruma fx